E-Mail Help


Please note the following change from the information in your instruction e-mail:
Your username / login name is actually your full e-mail address, not just the part of your address in front of the "@". The password you received in the e-mail is still valid. Once you log in you will be presented with three different e-mail websites you can use with NKNet. You can switch back and forth between them at any time.

To set up Microsoft Outlook Express to download your e-mail messages to your computer (recommended), follow this tutorial:


The "incoming mail (POP) server" will be mail.nknet.com
The "outgoing mail (SMTP) server" will be mail.nknet.com
For "account name" always enter your FULL e-mail address (name@nknet.com)
Turn on "My server requires authentication" in the account properties


  • Never send any e-mail that could be considered by the recipient to be junk e-mail. This includes petitions, advertisements, chain e-mails, and newsletters. In other words, if you receive e-mails urging you to forward them to friends, do not do so. Never send any e-mail to more then three people at the same time unless you know each person you are sending it to and know they will not object to the e-mail.

  • If possible, always use an e-mail program like Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to download your e-mails. This way you have your e-mails on your computer and less space is used on the NKNet server.

  • Use common sense. Don't use this e-mail account for any questionable purposes. Remember that it is being provided to you free, and can and will be terminated if you abuse it.

Please understand and respect these rules as violations may cause serious headaches for NKNet and will result in termination of your NKNet e-mail account. If you have any questions about this rule, please ask us, and always err on the safe side.


If you have questions or need help, contact nick@nknet.com.

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